Saturday, November 3, 2007

Penny Wise Arts

Look at the gorgeous beaded cards I received from the Yahoo group of Penny Wise Arts. Interested in using beads, and getting the best price on them? Visit Pennywise Arts where you can shop and join their Yahoo group. See their side bar for listings. How did I find out about this wonderful group? Through Pat Huntoon's blog. I'm a subscriber of Pat's Technique Junkie newsletter.

When I joined the PAW Yahoo group, I was given a warm welcome by way of introduction by one of their members, right on the site. Then, I was pleasantly surprised with these cards in the mail. The pink hat card is from Terri Stewart, butterfly card is from Jami, flourish card is from Kathy MaDowell, and the oriental card is from Evelyn. The owner of Pennywise, Suzanne, sent me a card and I will post that one this week.

As a note of interest, the butterflies are covered in beads, the gray horizontal band across the top of the next card is beaded, and the oriental face is beaded as well.

Boy am I going to have fun beading. It is a new technique to me, and I'm anxious to join PWA in beading the world.


Penny said...

Hi Beth, someone mentioned them to me recently (was it you, if so, thank-you!!) and their site is FABULOUS! I have tried this but a long time ago so thanks for the reminder. I wish I could see the cards in more detail - they are beautiful!

Maria said...

Lucky you! Those are wonderful cards! It's always great to receive cards made by other people.