Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How Odd

Pssssst, did you hear the news? justjohanna is changing its name to justjohanna Odd Bird Planet. How cool is that? A new website will be revealed on June 1st.

I'm on the Team!!

Just Announced


Maria said...

Whoohoo, Beth! Wow, I can see why you would be on the design team! Your work is fabulous! Congratulations!


Kim H. said...

Holey jumping catfish! This envelope is gorgeous! I love love love it!

Congratulations on being on the team! Yippee!

Ila said...

Wow!! this is a Gorgeous envelope!
Congratulations!! Yay!!..they are so lucky to have you!!!...Hugs, Ila

Jess said...

congrats, Beth! That's so awesome! I love your blog. Thanks for sharing your story about your son at Pistons camp! Go Pistons! Dee-troit Basketball!!!!!

Janine said...

Congratulations Beth.. I always look forward to your creations.

Penny said...

Congratulations!!What brilliant news! Umm, odd change of name though???

Marnie said...

This is GORGEOUS! Congrats! WOO HOO!

malieta said...

Congratulations Beth!!
They are so lucky to have you as a member and I love your card!