Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tutorial Tuesday - Distressing With Acrylic Paint

How many of you have more than one or two bottles of paint hanging around? Did you know you can use them for your cards? Not only did I have paint lying around, but I had used vintage cards from my last trip to Pete's, my junkyard man. The minute I saw them, I knew I wanted to turn them into usable cards, and this tutorial was a great place to start. Distressing with acrylic paints are so fun, and a great way to get that shabby chic look with ease.


Collage material (ie. old greeting cards)
Acrylic paint
Ink pads
Rubber stamps
Paint brush

Swipe ink pads along cardstock in various directions.

With watered down acrylic paint, brush paint over complete background.

Glue collage items on background, and stamp images.

Continue adding collage pieces until satisfied. Once you added all your images, take a stiff, dry brush, and lightly cover areas of your cardstock. When you dip your brush into the paint, pat it on a paper towel to take most of the paint off. This is called "dry brushing." Dry brushing is a wonderful, and easy, way to distress.

Another option is to just dry brush over patterned paper, and then distress the edges with an ink pad.

When your card is dry you are free to add embellishments.

This example uses a stamped image rather than collage materials.


Velta said...

Beth ~ This is so cool. Thanks for the tutorial. I plan on coming back to try it myself. Also great Christmas cards :)

Turid Mari said...

Thank you for the nice comment on my blog =)
I love the fact that you use so many different techniques on your cards =) They are really hand made :):)

Great =)

Hugs from Turid :)

Heather Grow said...

Love it! I love the vintage feel. I love this technique as a background for collage.

Kim H. said...

WOW these cards are great! I love the tutorial! I have never done mine that way! I'm off to give it a try! I will post and link back to you later today!

pescbrico said...

Thank you for sharing :) and I do have a lot of acrylique paint here!

Kim H. said...

Ok Beth - here is my card:


So much fun! I have another one the table drying. I got that one a little to wet! LOL!

Penny said...

Another cool technique Beth! I like the white on patterned paper. That's just like a certain paper out at the moment called white-out or something like that. I forget who it's by but yours is a lovely effect.

Greta said...

that is awesome and i have sooooo many paints

CAKVD said...

Great tutorial! I will try it!
Cheryl KVD

Julia Stainton said...

I love these ideas! Great tutorial!!!

Willow said...

Thanks so much for this week's tutorial!!! I love the samples you provided...can't wait to try this!! Willow

scrapnnMO said...

HOLY Cow what a blog! I just looked through your main page here! WOWza what talent! I love all your tutorial and all your wonderfully creation of your cards! Amazing works of art! Keep the inspiration coming!

Emilia said...

Found your blog from Kim's blog. I love this tutorial! I always look forward to learn more about acrylic paint! You are great! Tks!

Tami said...

Fantastic tutorial. You have a great eye for collage. Love the extra dry brush finish.