Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tutorial Tuesday

Today's tutorial is on alcohol inks. They are quite versatile and have many uses. Today's samples are an introduction to using the inks. Next Tuesday I will show you a few more wonderful ideas for using alcohol inks/reinkers.

Alcohol inks and reinkers are similar in nature. They contain the same type of ink, except alcohol inks have alcohol in them to speed up the drying time. Don't hesitate to use one or the other, or even both, types of inks together. My first sample uses Cool Carribbean on the background, and Pinata alcohol inks on the flowers. Two popular brands of alcohol ink are Adirondak and Pinata. If you like bright and vibrant, then Pinata is the way to go. If you like more subtle and colours close to what is in autumn leaves, then Adirondak is for you. I also use the two brands together, depending on the look I want.

Painting with your alcohol inks

Watercolour paper
Waterproof black ink pad
Alcohol inks/Reinkers
Water held blending pens

Stamp image onto watercolour paper. Drip ink onto a palatte. Take your blending pen and place it into the ink, and then colour your image.
Cleaning your brush in between colours by wiping off old colour onto a scrap of paper or paper towel, colour your image with a second colour.
Continue painting until your image is complete.
In my example, I cut out the smaller flowers and placed pop dots behind the image and placed flowers randomly on card. Don't you just love the bright and vibrant results?

Direct to Paper

Alcohol inks (Pinata and/or Adirondak/Reinkers
Glossy paper
Felt pad with handle
Blending solution
Krylon gold leaf pen (optional)

Place alcohol ink drops randomly onto your felt. You can save money by using a cotton ball, but your results will not be the same as in these photos. Using blending solution, squeeze it onto your felt pad, being generous with the amount you place onto your pad.
Pounce your felt pad, randomly, onto glossy paper. Continue until your paper is filled. Don't reink, simply add more ink to your felt pad, and pull your felt pad from top to bottom, turn your paper, and repeat from top to bottom, to make a plaid design. Reink, add more blending solution, and turn your felt pad in a circular motion for circles. Felt pads do not have to be replaced with each 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 paper. I get approximately five to six sheets done with each felt pad I use. Many people use rubbing alcohol in place of blending solution. Again, your results will not be the same.
Samples showing this technique, using a variety of different colours.
Don't be afraid to experiment. Even I am surprised with each new paper I do. Why not make 20 samples at a time, to have on hand for use at a later time. Don't be afraid to use Pinata and Adirondak inks together. Some of my favourite backgrounds came from using the two brands together. To mix things up a bit, randomly place gold or copper Krylon pen ink on the same pad as your alcohol ink. You can make your own felt pad holder by taking an unused stamp apart, and placing a piece of velcro onto your wood. Possibilities are endless with these techniques.

Baby Wipe Technique

Baby wipes
Variety of alcohol inks
Place a baby wipe onto a palatte, and place drops of alcohol ink randomly on your paper towel.
Press your stamp onto the ink.

Today's tutorial showed you just a few examples of what can be done with alcohol inks/reinkers. Don't be afraid to play--results are stunning. Stay tuned for next Tuesday's tutorial where we will show you even more techniques. Results will amaze you.


Emilia said...

Great tutorial!! Thank you!!

Maria said...

Fabulous job on the tutorials. I love alcohol inks, the results are always stunning and so much fun!! Your cards came out beautiful. Your tutorial will surely encourage others to try it out!


Jennifer said...

Awesome tutorial! I bought a package of these inks over a year ago and haven't yet opened them, but you've inspired me to try them soon. Beautiful samples! Thanks!

Tami said...

Fantastic tutorial. I never thought of using the baby wipes with these inks. You are a genius.

Godelieve said...

Thanks Beth!

Corie said...

WOW -- great tutorial -- thanks for sharing!!!

Jennifer said...

Beth, you've done an amazing job with these tutorials. Easy to follow, great photos and explanation.

Thanks so much for sharing your techniques.

Heather Grow said...

Great tutorials. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.

Patti said...

Excellent tutorial!! Thanks for sharing! :)

Aunt T said...

WOWZA! Beautiful job and great tutorial.


Deborah said...

Great tutorial Beth. My goodness, your instructions and photos are so detailed and well presented!

malieta said...

You did an excellent job on the tutorial Beth!!!I saved this section for inspiration...thank you for sharing!

Kim said...

OMG this is awesome! Hail Hail to the Queen if AI!

yvonne said...

what a great tutorial, love the cards you made!

Myrnabs said...

OMG!! This is totally amazing! What a wonderful tutorial! I will have to try this out!! thumbs up!

Marie said...

What great techniques and tutorials!!! TFS!!!

rebecca said...

I love your tutorials. They are so easy to follow and so well documented. More, more, more (pretty please)!

K said...


I looove your blog and the techniques instructions you post. They are clear and actually, easy to understand with the pictures and your writing to coincide with them. Lots of directions and techniques are very vague and for newbies like me, thats very frustrating, to say the least.

I absolutely love alcohol inks, making backgrounds and learning techniques. In fact, I think thats what I do the most and could spend all day doing. Hence, I think your blog will be visited by me quite often. Also, I looove your cards and finished work. Maybe I will be inspired to actually finish a card.

Have a great week.