Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tutorial Tuesday - Utee Gold

Hey! How are you. Did anybody even miss that I didn't blog for a week? I know I missed you. Didn't get caught up with my committments, but at least I'm not further behind. Let's get to today's tutorial, shall we....

Utee ultra thick embossing powder
Perfect Medium or VersaMark (not in pic)
Ink pads
Heat embosser
Perfect Pearls/PearlEx
Paint Brush

Sponge colour onto cardstock

Dab Perfect Medium or VersaMark (hereon in, I will refer to VersaMark) over entire surface that has been inked.

Sprinkle Utee over entire surface.

Heat emboss. Repeat by covering entire surface with VersaMark and heat emboss with Utee. If your surface is not smooth, repeat for a third time.

Cover entire surface with VersaMark, once again.

With your paint brush, brush on Perfect Pearls and/or PearlEx.

Sprinkle Utee over top of surface, and heat emboss.

When you heat emboss this final coat (yes, it really is the final coat), expect the Utee to blow all over your desk, and even yourself!

This is only a teeny tiny section of my desk--you should have seen the whole thing. I would have photographed it for you, except the camera didn't capture the full essence of the mess.

Can you see the gold, can you see the gold? This background is so cool, don't you think?! No more coats of Utee--you are good to go.

Whalaa, here is my final card. I made four other backgrounds at the same time; you will see some more examples very soon. It is so easy to make multiple backgrounds at one time, and is very convenient when you need a background in a pinch.


Maria said...

Ooh, gorgeous Beth! I love the pretty colors. . .it's very stunning.!! When I use Utee, I fold a foil over my craft tray and heat emboss under the foil tent. It helps to keep the Utee contained and it also speeds up heating.

Once again, awesome job with the tutorial!!


Penny said...

It's gorgeous, so shiny and lush! Me and UTEE have a bit of a love-hate relationship lol but I do admire this a lot!

Kim H. said...

Oh pretty lady! This is stunning! I love the colors and the shiny! oh la la! You rock my BFF!

Ila said...

Oh Wow!! this is so Gorgeous!! I love it!!! and other than a little messy you sure make it look easy! Great to see you back!!

malieta said...

Welcome back Beth!!
Oh...I love this technique and the finished project is fantastic! TFS

Kimmy said...

YAY! You are back! I missed you Beth! Love the technique, I have tons of UTEE I will have to try this one soon. Hope you learned alot of your Wordpress. Nice to "see" you.

Shirley said...

Love it, Beth. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. I can't wait to try it. After you apply the PE do you do the VM again before applying the UTEE?

What a gorgeous BG. I am getting you in a Feed now so I don't miss any of your art.

Thanh said...

It's always noticeable when you're missing, Beth! As my google feed is usually full of your posts! lol