Thursday, August 23, 2007

Random Thought

Okay, so my stamp room doesn't look like this one but my room is still my space. It's my space to keep as cluttered, or as neat, as I want. It's my space to think, to dream, to create. It's my space to book appointments, answer the phone, blog, surf, and eat. Why then, do us "smaller" artists--and yes, we are all artists, in one form or another--always call our rooms, the "craft" room, the "stamp" room, the "basement" or even the "scrapbooking room." When we read blogs, or interviews in a magazine, the "bigger" artists refer to their room as their "studio." So here this, from hereonin (or is it here on in?), I am referring to my "craft" room as my "studio." What are your thoughts on this? Oh, and by the way, I am really envious of this artist's studio. Isn't it gorgeous?


JudyOR said...

Studio..........I like it. I call my room the "art room". My small neice actually called it the "art room". Keep your room that best suits your creativity.

Jennifer said...

Beth, you make a very valid point. And no, I don't think it is semantics. It think I too shall call my "stamp room" my studio. I do not only stamp in here. I create fiber art as well as let it function as my home office.

Hmmm...I had better let my husband know about the change so he knows I am now in my STUDIO!

P.S. And YES, the photo is a gorgeous artist studio. Love the openness and airyness of the French Doors.

Maria said...

You're right Beth. . .we "artist" deserve to call our space our "studio" but I think "My Space" should be appropriately called "My Sanctuary" because I do everything in it. I eat, I watch TV, listen to my stereo, read, surf the internet, and craft. I'm thinking of rearanging it so I can do some yoga in it. The only thing I don't do is sleep in it!


Tami said...

Interesting thoughts. I actually call my creative space the sewing room. I started out life with a needle in my hand. All of the women in my family have sewing rooms, so I just stick with that as the description. I like staying connected to my mom, cousin, aunt, and grandma in this way, even if there isn't much sewing goin on!

Debbie said...

Hey Beth: I was going to call my room "The Craft Lounge" because I do lounge in here. I also do crafty things in here. I've thought about calling my room the studio, but it's a bit formal for me. I'm more laidback, so the Craft Lounge it is for me. If you have a Studio, you go girl! Oh, and I wish my craft room looked like that, too. In my dreams.