Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Upcoming Tutorial

I had a request to do a tutorial on my pearl-ex card (thanks, Sharon), and am pleased to accomodate your request shortly. I will be using Perfect Pearls and/or Pearl-ex. Other items you will need are: small professional paint brush, black paper, black embossing powder and mat spray to prevent smudging of Pearl-ex. If you are using Perfect Pearls, spray is not necessary.

I love hearing from my readers, and appreciate Sharon's request. If you have any other tutorials you would like to see, or a particular technique, please let me know and I will do my best to accomodate your request. Blogging is fun, and I'm here for you as much as you are there for me. Nothing makes me happier than seeing comments left, seeing a new subscriber join up, and seeing my "hits" go up. I don't want to lose you, as a reader, so please feel free to leave a comment. I like to know my readers.


Ila said...

Yay! I will be watching for this tutorial Beth...I'm so glad you are going to do this.

Sharon in NE said...

Thank you Beth! You're a sweetheart!