Monday, January 14, 2008

Kimono Cards

Last week's tutorial was colour wash scrunch, using Adirondack's colour wash. The final product highlighted a kimono card, using the colour wash scrunch. Today, I am showing you the same card, using patterned paper, with and without, embellishments. This first card is quite feminine and was achieved by way of using pretty papers, and colourful ribbon, as well viewing the gown from the back side of the kimono.
This second card uses masculine colours and paper. The pattern is busy enough without adding embellishments.

Last, by not least, this third card appears masculine, but I wanted it to be feminine as well, so I heat embossed red images onto the patterned paper.

If you are interested in making a kimono card, click here to be taken to Stamper's Mall, where you will find the template.


Kim H. said...

These kimono cards are wonderful! I have to say that my favorite is the color wash from last week! That technique just knocked my socks off!

Maria said...

Hey Beth! I love those Kimono cards! They look like fabrics! They're beautiful! You're really getting into the techniques and you are doing wonderfully!


Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

Love the Kimono cards....its so fun how the SAME basic technique can look so different each time....what a wonderful wardrobe!!!

Alexandra said...

Beth, these cards are striking! I love them! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

LaurenceB said...

I love it ! and it's a very good idea for the Chinese new year !

malieta said...

I love your Kimono cards Beth! They are very unique and stunning.
p.s. thank for the tag...I will work on it today:)