Saturday, April 19, 2008

Earth Day Celebrations Starting

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Kick up those heels--Earth Day Celebrations have begun. I'm heading over to the justjohanna forum now, to play in the challenges.

My challenge is to reuse tin foil lids from containers such as coffee and yogart. Examples are posted below.

Remember, participate in my challenge, and link me to your card (you are encouraged to upload it to the justjohanna Earth Day gallery), and your name will be submitted for the grand prize of $250. You have until midnight my time (Detroit/Toronto).


One (1) grand prize of a $250 justjohanna shopping spree.

One (1) second prize of a $50 justjohanna gift certificate.

Five (5) third prizes of 25% off coupons for the justjohanna online store.

One (1) limited edition Al in Space rubber stamp for the winner of each of the individual challenges.


(no idea why this is an odd colour and is underlined. Pretend it isn't please).

I have a nephew that's going to love receiving this recycled card for his birthday; he played the lead part in his school play entitled, "Pirates of Penzance." What a talented young man he is!

Do you recognize the clouds and waves as being recycled tinfoil freshness seals? Yup, they come from yogart and coffee containers. Of course I had to use my Cuttlebug to embellish the tinfoil. These justjohanna images make perfect sea-bearing animals, don't you think?

Somehow, "Tree on a Hill" seems to be the appropriate name for this card. It would be a lonely looking tree but the justjohanna animals know that everyone and everything needs a friend. Shh, they are really tree-huggers in disquise.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
How I wonder where you are

It looks like this cute little owl found out where the star was hiding after all--it was close to the moon. If only we knew that as a child, perhaps we could have swung on a star too!


Godelieve said...

Wow, fabulous samples!! Really love your challenge and what you did with the foil. Hope I can play too!

Emilia said...

My God... you are amazing - using the tinfoil to creative such amazing wave...Great great job!

Joan said...

These are all great. I love the recycled tin foil! Joan

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

These are so darn clever!!! Love the swingin' Al and the Tree... and to think I was just going to stick a foil top on a card!! Now I'm inspired...

Janine said...

Holy moly!! You've been busy! I had company all weekend so haven't been looking at my friend's great blogs... Always nice to scroll through yours and see your wonderful creations.

Marnie said...

This is a wonderful fabulous idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

Noel said...

Okay, Saturday was a busy day. I didn't know that I posted my link on other post.

Hahah, kinda silly anyway. I know it's too late to post here; however, I just wanna to share my
card with you. Thanks for hosting.

Kathi Rerek said...

Wow. Your samples are great and so was your challenge. I'm sad that I was unable to participate! Silly family get togethers!