Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Shaving Cream Technique

This is a very easy technique, and so fun. The name gives it away, "Shaving Cream Technique."

Shallow palatte, or meat tray
Foam shaving cream
Alcohol Inks
Paper Towels (not in photo)
Straw or stir stick (not in photo)

Spray shaving cream on pallate

Using your straw, flatten the top of the shaving cream.

Randomly drip alcohol ink on top of the shaving cream.

Using your straw, make swirling motion so the ink is moved around.

This is how your palatte will look.

Take your paper and place it on top of the shaving cream.

This is how your paper will look.

Take a second sheet of paper and place it on top of your first paper.

Wipe shaving cream off your paper.

This is how your paper will look. Allow to dry completely. You are now ready to make your cards.

In this card the shaving cream technique was used as a background paper.

Here the image was stamped directly onto the shaving cream paper.


Kim said...

WOW looks so cool, but messy!

Clearly Inspired said...

Great tutorial! I love the pictures. I didn't think about a second sheet on top of the first...awesome idea! Love your blog!

Tami said...

Awesome tutorial. I've done this technique with paint, but never thought to use my well-loved AI. Thanks for expanding my horizons today.

Heather P. said...

What a fun technique!!

Kimberly said...

Hmmmmm! I better try this one when the AREN'T around. They might have a little TO much fun. :o)