Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rolodex Calendar

Good morning. As I sit here, my Christmas music is playing, and I'm thinking about my holiday baking. My tree is up, and my house is decorated. Now I'm ready for Christmas. Obviously, my mom's co-workers are not even close to being ready; every day my mom yells out "__ days to Christmas," as she watches my Christmas tree countdown in the right side bar. Her friend's are threatening to throw her out of the department--LOL.
My rolodex calendar was made at a workshop at Lasting Impressions. Isn't it cute? Cathy Heslop, the instructor, comes up with some really neat projects. I'm going to make another rolodex, at home, and will substitute the Jolee Boutique stickers for rubber stamped images to achieve a more artsy feel.
The fun thing about this calendar is that each month was mounted with clear photo corners, so they can be replaced each year. On the back side of the file card there is another calendar which allows those important dates to be documented. With five nephews, two nieces, two children and four step-children, I need to keep important dates in one convenient place.
For those who are interested in making one of these calendars, I will post a tutorial in the new year.
The tutorial for this Tuesday is complete and ready for posting. I would like your input as to what you would like to see for the following week, so cast your vote. For those who don't craft, and wish to vote (yah, that's you mom), please feel free to vote too.

1. Decorating Christmas cookies with a rubber stamp.
2. Decorative wrapping for gifts.
3. Polymar clay tree ornaments.

Now I'm going out on a limb here--I've never tried any of the options before. Well, I have wrapped presents, but will use unique items for added interest.

Have a great day. Thanks for stopping by, and casting your vote.


Kim H. said...

WOWZERS that calendar is awesome! I have to make me one of them- of course once you tell me how it is done..LOL!

My vote for next tutorial is #3. Polymer clay tree ornaments. I'm in the mood to make some ornaments!

Sarah said...

I vote the xmas cookies so you can freeze them and save them for me! Shortbread or Sugar cookies..preferrably!

scrapnnMO said...

What a cool looking calendar Beth! Love it! Yummo papers and design! I to vote for the XMAS cookies as well! :)

Heather Grow said...

Very cool calendar. Hmmm. I can't pick one. I know that whatever you make will be fabulous.

marge said...
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marge said...

If you wish for me to vote, I would like to see the decorative Christmas wrapping. But my vote probably won't win one out of three. Others are ahead of me. At my hospital the decorator wrapped all the presents in a bright green net for bows. lovely on top of the paper. Love, Mom

marge said...
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All Pink girl said...

WOW this is amazing ,love it ,Dawnx

Tami said...

I love 1 or 2. I don't have any polymer clay around, so I probably wouldn't get around to it. You do the best tutorials.