Friday, July 4, 2008

Ms. Owl is Back

Welcome back. If you caught yesterday's strut down the isle, you'll be in for a bigger treat today. Why? Because Ms. Owl's accessory artist is here to share some of her inside secrets.

Announcer: Ms. Norman, how interesting that you should look as eccentric and stylish as Ms. Owl. How do you do it?

Ms. Norman: Well, thank you--I think. I guess it goes back as far as I can remember. Everyone has an eccentric and quirky family member--even if one doesn't care to admit it--and I guess I have always been "that" person in my family. Every pair of glasses I have ever owned has always been out-there. If there is a piece of clothing or jewelery that is funky and fun, I have it!

Announcer: How would you describe your colour sense?

Ms. Norman: Sense or nonsense? It's all the same--it just depends how one looks at it. For example, I am not afraid of colour, and my home has always reflected that. While some family members (I won't embarrass anyone by stating names) prefer anemic household colours, I love a punch. My upstairs hall is orange and is smooshed with terricotta--a much darker orange-brown. Today's card reflects my sense of experimentation. How? By using S.U.'s Barely Blue. It isn't a colour I use much, but because I want to make my viewers happy, I like to work outside the box a little. Barely Blue is combined with the ever-so-popular Certainly Celery. What doesn't coordinate with Certainly Celery. It is also lovely with Cool Caribbean, and we all know how much I love Cool Caribbean.

Announcer: How do you like to coordinate, or is it embellish?

Ms. Norman: Well, one thing is for certain, one can never over-embellish. I always stick as close to the truth as I can, with lots of embellishment--LOL. Today Ms. Owl rises to the occasion with another lovely coordinated hand bag from K& Company. K & Company knows how to please the ladies, and this year has taken on a whole new look. No longer can I walk by any isle without inviting K&Company along. I believe we look stunning together. Just look at Ms. Owl. She is tickled blue, with her new handbag.

Announcer: Well, Ms. Norman. I thoroughly enjoyed getting the inside track to your colour sense. Do you think you can join me again this week?

Ms. Norman: Darling, I'm here to please you all. My mind is always on my readers and viewers. Thank you for the invitation, I certainly will be back. Stay tuned for something from Rubbernecker tomorrow; my owls need a rest.

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