Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pretty Paper Purses

Aren't these paper purses cute? Want in on a little secret? I sent them to Johanna, owner of Odd Bird Planet, and forgot to enclose a note explaining that I accidentally adhered the beads incorrectly so the purse didn't open. When I thought to e-mail her, she said, "oh, I wondered. After I tried and tried, I finally gave up." That's what I get for not testing things out BEFORE I send them to Johanna. I'm so silly--LOL.

To create these cards I created two library pockets. One was made ever so slightly smaller, so it could be inserted into the other. The ribbon handle was threaded through the center of both library pockets. The ribbon was threaded through the top, and comes out at the bottom. If you look closely, you will see the white ribbon knoted on the polka-dot card. Before the cards are put together the beads are to be added. Not after, like I did.

Ideas for purse:
  • Party invitation. Place pertinent information inside.
  • Birthday card for a little girl. Make it eccentric looking for teenagers
  • Business card holder
  • Great place to "hide a key." It blends in wonderfully with a studio and craft room

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Salmi said...

Colorful small little butterflies sketches,Its the symbol of starting of spring season.....Please add some more different designs in here ....

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