Friday, October 26, 2007


Stamps: justjohanna
Sentiment: Bonjour was typed on the computer
Paper: Magnolia


Heather Grow said...

Fun card, Beth.

Suzy said...

Oh wow you floored me with your Bargello tutorial I have to try this! And I have tagged you :) Please read my blog here for details:


Kim H. said...

Leaping land lizards! This is so fun! It makes me so happy to look at it!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your work. Would it be OK with you if I listed your blog as a link from my own? Mine is new, but I'm developing it for people who enjoy scrapbooking and/or reading. So far I've focused on reading but want to do more with scrapbooking. Just wanted to get your permission to add a link to your wonderful blog. (Mine is

Debbie said...

How cute Fifi looks on the scooter. Nice card.

Clearly Inspired said...

You have been tagged. Go to my blog and check out the rules

Love your blog!