Saturday, October 13, 2007

RAK for Marla

Marla is a blogger who recently had a house fire and lost everything. Her friend Alesha is helping out by collecting donations.

How can we help Marla out? Visit the above links to read more details. Another way to help out is to send the fire department a thank you note, on behalf of Marla and George Kostis. Marla has given permission to place their names on the card to the fire department.

Beecher Fire Department
c/o Doug McGee
Wallaceburg, ON
N8A 4L2

One nice thing about us bloggers is that we all pull together, and many of us just love to send out RAK's. Thank you, to everyone, for joining in to help out the Kostis family.

1 comment:

Magickdiva said...

Such a sad story - I would be devestated. Hope they get their lives back together again soon!