Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tutorial Tuesday - Scratch and Sniff

It's Tutorial Tuesday, once again, here at Sunflowers and Dragonflies. Today's tutorial was inspired by my girlfriend, Sue Gatza. Sue taught this technique at our SU Stamper's 12 group, and we all thought this was a very fun card to make.

In today's tutorial I used sugar-free Crystal light. The colour turned out less vibrant than the sugar-free Jello we used at Sue's party. When I do this technique again, I will use sugar-free Jello because I love the results better. Enjoy!


Sugar-free Crystal Light or Sugar-Free Jello
Clear Embossing Powder
Small bowl
Embossing Gun (not in photo)

Mix one teaspoon of sugar free powder with one teaspoon of clear embossing powder.

Place your stamp onto VersaMark pad and stamp out your image.

Sprinkle on the sugar free/embossing powder mixture and heat emboss.

Whalaa. Time to scratch and sniff. Three different powders were used.

Suggestions for Scratch and Sniff:
  • Children's party invitations
  • Children's birthday cards
  • Scrapbook layouts
  • Hidden tags in altered books
  • Pop up cards


Kim H. said...

What a super cool tutorial! Scratch and sniff stickers were my favorite! I had a butter popcorn one! YUMMY!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Oh I just love this!!!
Such perfect timing and I'll tell you why:

Jennifer McGuire is having a Card Drive for Kids for her nieces and nephews..

This would be a perfect touch for the cards!

Here is her blog post about the event:

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