Thursday, February 14, 2008

Double Take Thursday - Valentine Bling

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, or should I say, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. Either way, it's double take Thursday. Kim P. challenged me to making an extra special Valentine, with extra bling. Does my dragon count as extra bling? LOL, ROFWL. Are you creeped out by the picture yet, Mom? I can just see her quietly peaking on her computer at work--well, not quietly today. This dragon is going to freak her out. This cute dragon is an excerpt from one of the books I bought Donnie for Valentine's Day. Snuggled next to the dragon is his card.
Okay, enough of the wise comments. Here is the real extra bling. Let's peak at what Kim made here. I'm sure Kim's card is going to be extra elegant, because that is her style.
This card was designed using a sketch that is posted on the Technique Junkie Yahoo group. The technique that is used on this card is the pink crackle paint, from Ranger, I painted all over the big triangle. It sort of resembles dragon skin. Are female dragons pink? (note to self: go research female dragons on Wikepedia).

This is one of the gift's I'm giving Donnie tonight. Kim H. recently made a post-it note holder which was the inspiration behind my project.

Here is a close up of the dragon. It was my first attempt at Prismacolour pencil crayons with Gamsol, and is now one of my favourite techniques. The Gamsol moves the pencil crayon like knife in butter--truly amazing!

Well, I'm off for a romantic evening of beer and wings with our friends. Enjoy your evening with your special valentine.



Penny said...

Well, dragon valentine's are different I guess LOL!! You did a great job with both but your colouring is particularly good, lots of nice shading going on. I am just getting to grips with the technique too having received some pencils for Christmas.Results soon....:)

Kim said... the dragon doesn't count as bling, but nice try Beth!! lol..your card is awesome, and am wondering what it is that you used for bling? I like it alot whatever it is! lol Ok..the colouring on the dragon is GORGEOUS, if that is a first try...oh man...truly amazing!!! Your turn to pick a challenge for next

Kim H. said...

Holey mother of god...your coloring its outstanding! It is amazing and your first try (jaw hitting the ground! Love the colors for the Valentine! That heart is funky fun!

Have a romantic beer and wings night!

Barbara said... your dragon..and i hope you have had a wonderful valentines day

LaurenceB said...

It was a first try ? It's a great one !
Dragons can have the colours we want ,-)