Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I've Been Awarded the Excellent Blogger Award

Whoo, Etha tapped me on the shoulder and presented me the Excellent Blogger Award. Etha, I am so greatful to you in your thoughtfullness. Etha presented me this award because she enjoys my weekly tutorials. Thank you.
Now for my blogroll of cyber friends that I think is deserving of this award. There are so many bloggers who deserve this award. Unfortunately, I have to short list so today I present this award to five artists:
Kim H, who is passionate about mixed media. Her work has also been highlighted on Mixed Media Monday. You should see the darling things she is creating with Polymar clay these days.
Pat is the proud owner of the Technique Junkie newsletter. Every one of her cards uses a new technique, or something new to me (check out her bradilicious card--don't you love Pat's word?)
If you want to see how prismacolour pencil crayons and H2O's are used, Ila is clearly the lady for you. I can't tell you how long, and how often, I just sit staring trying to figure out how she does it.
Classy, elegant, and soft blending colours is what I think of when I visit Penny's blog.
Laurence has a very unique blog. I love the "business" of it, and her projects are so cool. Laurence is from France. She goes just a step further in her card-making process and creates lovely envelopes for those cards.


Penny said...

Oooh thank-you Beth, that's so sweet of you to think of me - I'm honoured :)

Kim H. said...

OH Bethie, you are so sweet! I am so honored! Thank you!

Stampermom said...

Congratuations and Happy Valentines Day!! The award is well deserved.

LaurenceB said...

Congratulations , you desrve it !!!
And I'm really happy you have thought of me , as Penny said , I'm very honoured too !! :-))
Thank you !

Ila said...

Congrats on this well deserved award Beth...and Thank you so much for your kind words and giving this award to me!!..I am tickled pink!!