Monday, June 11, 2007

Flourish Thank You

Cool Carribbean is one of my favourite S.U. colours, and I'm so sad this temporary colour will not be sold as of July 1st. When I attend the Stamper's 10 night this month, I'm going to stock up and order six packages, with the hope that it is enough. I will have the matching stamp pad for a very long time because I bought the ink refill. By then I'll have moved on to another favourite colour.

Simple, yet elegant, cards are a struggle for me, but I am quite pleased with how this design turned out.

The stamps I used are new to me, and are called See-D's. Yup, the stamps come in what resembles a CD case. Stamps are unmounted grey rubber and are sticky on the backside. There are 33 stamps in the "Elegant Paisley" set. There are so many sets that I would love to have in this series. Check them out See D's

I used three stamps to complete the flower: long flourish stem, short flourish, and flower top. Thank you was added, and came from the same set. Brad is from Jo-Ann's, and ribbon is from Costco.


laos348 said...

Gorgeous job with the flourishes - you combines them in such a pretty way.

Maria said...

I love the card! Very elegant. I saw the See D's at JoAnn Online and they are on sale. . .I believe $5.99! After seeing your card, purchasing them is now a must!

Debbie said...

I love these colors. Just the name, Caribbean Blue, sounds wonderful and relaxing and, oh, darling, would you please bring me a margarita on the beach? haha

On another note, can I add your blog to my blog list?

Debbie said...

Um, I hope you say yes to me adding you to my blog. I did it already. -blush- I never was really good at waiting for things.

KIMBERLY said...

Just found your blog. I will definitely be stopping back often. Love these cards! TFS!