Saturday, June 23, 2007

Rubbah Therapy

Well, here is one of my cards that I made this week when I posted the "Do Not Disturb" on my stamp'n room door. I love this stamp from My Favourite Things. It was fun coordinating papers on this card. If you look carefully, you will notice that in the two small circles, the purse and shopping bag were stamped on pattern paper and the two shopping bags in the larger image were also stamped on pattern paper. I think that the use of pattern papers on cards are appealing. It seems to be a popular trend at the moment. Another popular trend that we are seeing, is the use of a tab. I added a tab to the larger image and stamped "Time To Shop." Enjoy your weekend. Happy Stamp'n.


Michelle said...

Your card is great-I love the colour combo! At first i thought, "I wonder why she added those 2 huge flowers there?" then I realized it was your plant! I think I'm tired!

Corie said...

Love the card. You are right I love the tab and the use of the designer paper. It just makes the card that much better.

Maria said...

Hi Beth!

Beautiful card! I love the color combo that you used and the layout is great! I love MFT stamps. . .aren't they great!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

mum on the run said...

Great card! I just love your photography

Aunt T said...

Great card - great colors - I need to get this stamp. I've seen it a few times and every card made with it really inspires me. I don't own any MFT stamps - thanks for enabling me :)