Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Splitcoast Stampers

Today I am going to share a small tip, with big results. Are you tired of only having 48 images on a page? Want 90? Here's what you do: Chose "48" as your choice for the number of images on your page. Then, go way up to the address bar and look for the number 48. Carefully delete the number 48, and type in 90 and then "enter." Whalaa, you now have 90 images. If you have any questions regarding this tip, please leave me a note and I will try to help out.


Maria said...

Awesome tutorial Beth! Great job on your first try on a tutorial. It's easy to follow and your pictures are great visuals. Your card looks great! The 3D flowers look awesome. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work!


Heather Grow said...

Thanks fo the tip Beth. I've been at 48 because I didn't know that I have an option.